Vantech Media, web site designers, Norfolk

Web sites

All of our new web sites are set up so the content may be updated by the owner using our in-house content management system ‘VCMS’. With VCMS you can create new folders, pages, add text, images, videos, even custom html and css if you’re that way inclined.

VCMS has lots of great features like galleries, extensive SEO tools and even an optional E-Commerce package with powerful shopping cart, inventory and international shipping.

Responsive web sites

All of our new web sites are responsive. This means that they will adapt perfectly to work on mobiles and tablets.

If you have a web site that’s more than a couple of years old (even one of ours) or one that isn’t responsive, you’ll need to think about upgrading as soon as possible. If you’re thinking about investing in a new site from someone else, do make sure that it will be responsive.

This should be your first question when deciding on a web designer and recently the already sound reasons for this have been underpinned by Google’s new policy of downgrading search engine placing for sites that don’t work well on mobiles and tablets.