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Domain registration

Once you register a domain through us we assume that you want to keep it until you tell us otherwise. We cannot ask you if you still need it each time it comes up for renewal.

To cancel a domain you must give us at least one month's notice before its expiry date.

In order to safeguard your domains and maintain your services we pay out the registration fees on your behalf, and would appreciate getting the money back.


We cannot make refunds on these services even if you use them for one day only, or indeed never use them. The onus is on the customer to inform us well in advance of any service that is no longer required.

Payment policy

Although we enjoy our work, we are in this for the money only.

We realise that sometimes people forget to pay the odd bill, especially if it’s a small amount. However, there are those that consistently refuse to even consider paying until they’ve had at least one reminder, as if it’s a special policy, or maybe a weird affliction. This wastes time for everybody and costs us money.

If you’re one of these people and are thinking of using our services, please don’t bother.

The Better Payment Practice Code

We are signatories to and abide by the code of the Better Payment Practice Code.

We support the belief that as well as being unethical, the practice of deliberately paying later than the agreed terms is wrong for sound economic reasons. This means that we pay our bills promptly and expect our customers to do the same. It also means that we claim interest and compensation for late settlement of account.

Our terms are 14 days from issue of invoice unless otherwise agreed.


We turn away far more work than we take on and maintain the position of choosing to stay small. These are our payment terms, take it or leave it. Sorry if that sounds rude but that's how it is.

Acceptable use policy

It is a condition of business that our customers observe our acceptable use policy as below:

Applies to all services offered